Monday, March 4, 2019

Flutter vs. React Native – A Growing Divergence of Opinion

Flutter is a simple framework which is used for designing mobile applications in cross platforms. Flutter App Development Company, are believing more in Google and more attempts were made to build apps on android. New apps are giving new dimensions to the existing. Development efforts run on quick iterations, code clarity, and strong developmental concepts. Flutter turns out to be the best with regard to the app performance. Flutter helps in to expedite the running time and speed of development. React Native serves best in managing app development lifecycle, even better than flutter. Now, let us make a comparison between flutter and react native in the following article

Flutter- an Overview

In general, smooth animations, beautiful designs, and great performance are some of the basic expectations from apps. For these to incorporate into the app, app developers take the help of Flutter App Development.

Google’s Mobile user interface framework, Flutter is a fast way for building apps on both the popular OS platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. Flutter is so important because it is based on a single codebase, it uses GPU, provides access platform API’s and services, it compiles directly than that of native codes. For Google Fuschia, it a primary method of creating apps.  Flutter, also a mobile app SDK, for building high quality, and high performing accurate apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Flutter Framework

Flutter framework is built as a series of layers, in which each builds one upon the other. API documentation provides complete information about all sets of libraries.

Fast Development

  • Flutter is useful for high development with great velocity, it is a set of customizable widgets or it can also be used for building from a modern react framework
  • Flutter can integrate with various developmental tools, helping in quicker start with the editor or IDE.

       Customized Applications

·         The congruity of parts with each other and also with the whole is made possible with flutter and it can be created as highly customized apps for enhanced user experience.
·         Best brand driven designs can be made without the constraints of OEM widget sets.
·         Flutter’s own framework can be used for creating material designs and Cupertino( for iOS) stuff.

       Ease in prototyping and Iteration

  •          Developer can change the code and check the performance of the app by reloading using flutter.
  •         It accords for code fixing which allows debugging.

       Increased Productivity

  •          Flutter makes it easy to develop iOS and Android app, hence the productivity raises.
  •     Many things can be done with the help of a small code. The code is interchangeably and is not restricted to one operating systems.

       React Native- An Overview

React Native, which is a JavaScript library used for building UI and is maintained by expert developers (react native) and some leading corporations like Instagram and Facebook. With the help of reacting native, a developer can develop an app in both iOS and Android using a single code.

Native apps can be made using react to native App Development. React and JavaScript, allow the building of native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Using react, the app can be built on Android and iOS which can be tailored without the necessity to write any Swift code or Java code and the technology to build the iOS apps and Android apps can be learnt. React native will give the building blocks of unique style, one can use them and develop them, but it will not serve as an app with a component library which contains pre-styled components.

Building an app either on Android or iOS can be done with ease using react native App Development Company. It is possible by the presence of reusable components across Android and iOS. When compared with JS frameworks like Meteor JS, react native is UI focused, which is making it a JavaScript library rather than a framework. React native is highly responsive because the native environment is interacting with asynchronous JS. It also offers less memory usage, third-party plugin compatibility, smoother user experience.


React native and flutter both are easy to start, open source and the code is free in both. It is really challenging to choose between flutter and react native. If JavaScript is known and the developer is familiar with some constructs and tools, in react native like CSS flexbox system, JSX, Node JS, ECMAScript 6, similar to XML, a JavaScript syntax extension is used for displaying the data. For mobile apps development, the react native is a more reliable option.


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