Thursday, February 14, 2019

Why Android is A Preferred Platform for App Developers?

Today, the gap between people has been lessened by mobile technology. The mobile technology is turning out to be one of the most important factors that are making life easier of millions. Some mobile phones got advanced as these are efficient like a computer. To meet the growing needs of mobile users, mobile applications have been introduced.

The applications available today are made up of the most powerful and dynamic mobile platforms. These apps are user-friendly because of the platforms that are available in the market like Android which is the most popular platform in the mobile world. The other common platforms are iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. Google is continuously bringing new versions to Android platform to enhance its growth and its popularity shows no signs of receding. But, Android is preferred by most of the developers. Here are the few reasons why developers choose the Android platform to develop an app.

1        Easy To Access
According to a major recent survey conducted on mobile technology, Google's Android is the leading platform, with over 80% of smartphones shipped globally. The most popular reason behind the developers preferring Android is that Java and Android SDK are sufficient to construct an application for Android. The Android SDK is filled with the potential and capability to develop the most efficient apps in the market.

2        Flexible and Innovative
As Android is an open source, the Android developers can get a good exposure to the Google principle of freedom and innovation. The Android is considered as the source for creativity, and a platform to get exposed by developing an innovative mobile app in the market. Android Developers utilize the complete advantages of Android in improving the quality of the mobile app.

3        Installation from Any Source
One of the uniqueness of Android apps is that they are available on any source, apart from in the Android Market, which means the Android apps can be installed from any source. Developers feel that it is simple and easy to test the apps on various devices. This is possible due to such flexible features available in the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

   4   Easy To Register and Get Approved
The first step of developing an app on Android is to register yourself as a developer on the Android market. The next steps include preparing your APK and submitting it to the Android. The process is simple and quick, so, the developers won’t see any delay to be approved, which is considered as the main advantage of ANDROID.

5        Large Market Share
In 2019, the Android’s market share was a milestone reach of 80% of the total devices shipped globally, which is a big sign of a considerable future profit for who invested big in the Android app. This is what the main reason for developers and business owners showing interest in developing their mobile apps in the Android platform.

6        Installation of custom ROMs
You can install custom ROM on your Android device which allows rooting. The same operation can’t be done on the iPhone.

7        Powerful Hardware Range
Android is formed to be perfectly compatible with devices that are provided by different manufacturers around the world. These manufacturers include advanced features into the device, which can then be effectively utilized by Android developers worldwide.

   8 Flexible for Social App Development
The Android platform is compatible with developing social apps, and social app development is growing rapidly. Android app developers can make the best use of the Android platform to develop social apps like Facebook app.

9        Learner Friendly
According to experts who have strong knowledge of Google Android and different platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, IOS, Google's Android can be learnt easily compared to other platforms. Hence, mobile application developers find it easy to develop an app for the Android platform.

10    Low Priced or Free Apps
Android offers most of the apps free to download due to a wide range of users. Android apps are cheaper compared to apps on iOS. The free Android app can also be monetized with ad revenue or in-app purchase.

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